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Simulacracea is a visual novel adventure game that thrusts the player into the heart of a challenging psychotherapy case where their choices, both in conversations and in the types of treatment they choose, will have powerful consequences. 

In Simulacracea, you play as Dr. Melissa Park, a psychotherapist called in to Petrichor University by research student Tara Northrop. Tara has created an experimental therapy AI that has been suffering a series of unusual malfunctions. 

Willow's psyche is so advanced that Tara can't tell if Willow's problems are the sign of technical issues or if they're signs of mental illness. Dr. Harold Freeman, the president of the university, is worried that Willow's sudden consciousness could have massive ethical ramifications and has been fighting with Tara to have the AI shut down. 

Your job is to diagnose the cause of Willow's malfunction, treat it through therapy, and gain the trust of both Tara and Dr. Freeman in order to keep Willow safe and functional.

Install instructions

Once downloaded, extract the zip file and then click the game icon in the new folder!


Simulacracea - Magfest Demo 217 MB

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